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evangelion M I R R O R

Neon Genesis Evangelion Mirror
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In this community, you'll post your application to have the members vote on which character from the series, Neon Genesis Evangelion, they think you look the most like.

※ Post at least two clear pictures of yourself behind an LJ-cut. One of your face and one whole-body shot is preferred.

If it matters to you, clearly post which gender you'd like to be voted.

※ Post a bit about your style. What you like to wear, accessories, anything you feel is important about how you dress.

No cosplay pictures in you application! You can post them, if you'd like, after you've gotten your stamp; we do ask you to keep it to Evangelion characters, though.

※ Please... be wearing clothing in your pictures.

※ Bring me a shrubbery! Name some sort of tree (birch, cedar, pine, etc.) in your application subject line so that I know you've read the rules.

※ Respect the other members. No flaming, no biting, and no eye-gouging. Keep this community a friendly one!

※ Please bold your votes. It makes it easier to count up the votes for the person giving the stamp.

※ You can vote as up to two characters per person.

※ Please feel free to vote even if you haven't put up an application or gotten your stamp yet; it's highly encouraged! Also, before you post your application, we'd like you to vote on as many un-stamped applications as you can.

※ After 5 votes, you will be stamped as the majority vote.

※ If you really aren't happy with your outcome, and you'd like a restamp, wait at least three weeks before re-submitting an application. Once you do, clearly state somewhere that you are re-applying.

※ all the characters you can stampped as,as well as the stamps themselves can be found here. (A master stamped list will come later, when stamps have actually been handed out. XD;)

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If you'd like to affliate with us, then simply post a request in the community. We'll link to you when you link to us! >w<

mellysandshrew ; head mod
jigglygrlcarrie ; co-mod

feel free to contact them if you have any questions - they're there to help! 8D

other credits:
spiralbound_lj ; override code used to make layout
thesebullets ; userinfo code